Church planting

Church planting is an important part of the work of the church to enable people from every district, in every town or city to be able to worship locally.

We endeavour to plant churches as God directs to enable and expand the kingdom. We currently have a number of branch churches that follow the ministry of Nest Worldwide Ministries

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The first church plant was at J.J. Colony in Tiruchchirappalli, which is 400 kms from Bangalore.

The work began in April 1993, and grew very quickly as God poured his grace on this very poor village.

When the church began there was no electric and no tap water in the village but unfortunately there were many snakes.

As the church grew Pastor Raj realised that the distances involved were too great and therefore decided to give the church to his friend Reverend Norman Bhasker, an Assemblies of God Minister.

The church at J.J. Colony, Tiruchchirappalli

The Church there continues to thrive under the leadership Reverend Bhasker.

The church in Enam Kariyandal Village

The church plant in Tiruvanamalai

The church in Enam Kariyandal Village, in Tiruvannamalai started in May 1995. The work began with Pastor Raj spending three months in the village, preaching the gospel at gospel meetings from the back of a bullock cart.

The church grew and left we see the first building that the church owned in the village, which is 250 Kms from Bangalore.

A man called Robinson Paul was one of the first converts.

Pastor Raj enabled Robinson Paul to go to Bible College to do a degree in theology.

The picture on the right shows the church building in 2001 with Emmanuel (on left) Pastor Raja Kumar (middle) and Robinson Paul (on right).

The church continues to grow and Pastor Raj visits twice a month to oversee the church.

The church in Enam Kariyandal Village, in Tiruvannamalai

Other churches have been planted in Mangalam Village, Athiyandal Village, and Devanampet Village in Tiruvannamalai District . This is exciting venture and we seek to surround Tiruvanamalai with churches. We are looking forward to seeing the work grow and develop under the hand of Almighty God.


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