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 Welcome to Nest Worldwide Ministries

Nest Worldwide Ministries is growing and at present the Ministry team is Gladson Godswill, Robinson Paul, Emmanuel, Lazar and Praise Lydia.

The heart of Nest Worldwide Ministries is to give our best that God may turn our best into something beautiful, which brings life and freedom.

Pastor Raja Kumar (seen right) regularly travels to Germany, Holland, Singapore, Malayasia, England and the United States of America, where he preaches the word of God and shares his experiences in church planting and vision.

He also, ministers at gospel crusades and helps fellow ministers in their ministry through pastors conferences.

Raj says "God has given us a big vision but we have a big God who brings to birth that which he places into the mind of men"

Pastor Raj has asked for and has received the opportunity to share the gospel with someone every day since he became a Christian in 1977.

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